Essential Amino Acids


Contains three essential amino acids: Lysine, Methionine & Threonine. Essential amino acids are known to be the building blocks of Proteins.

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The highest concentrated available supplement containing, these 4 major components on the market.

Contains 3 essential amino acids, Lysine, Methionine & Threonine, which are known to be deficient in horses feed and hay. We included Vitamin E as a super antioxidant….essential amino acids are known to be the building blocks of proteins…

Essential Amino Acids must be obtained through the diet in adequate quantities to meet the body’s needs because these cannot be synthesized by the body in sufficient quantities.

Feed for:

  • Build healthy muscle (body builder).
  • Important for young growing horses.
  • Improve protein availability.
  • Aid collagen formation and tissue repair.
  • For horses lacking stamina.
  • Support hoof growth and quality.
  • This product is recommended for mature horses only.
  • Healthy skin, hair, ligaments, tendons and cartilage.
  • For overweight horses and those on reduced hay rations.
  • Supports tissue repair and muscle growth in exercising horses of all ages and disciplines.
  • Helps maintain strong muscles.
  • Can help support development of lean muscle mass.
  • Support performance, strong muscles and healthy weight.

UNIVET®’s ULTRA-AMINO + E is a preparation of essential amino acids and Vitamin E in an oral powder form to support normal muscle development & growth and GI tract health and healing.

L-Lysine 20.0g
DL—Methionine 10.0g
L-Threonine 5.0g
Vitamin E 5.0g (1750 IU)

Feed Rate:

Mature Horses (400-600 Kg); Administer 40g once daily at the time of feeding. A scoop has been enclosed.

Why Choose Ultra-Amino + E

Vitamin E

Enhances muscle tone and endurance in working horses. It also improves circulation and heart function. Acting as a potent antioxidant, it enhances the immune system, and is very important to the diet, for its free-radical scavenging properties.

Free radicals are produced in higher quantities during times of stress, such as heavy exercise, illness or injury. Beneficial for the prevention of ‘tying up’. We serve 1750 IU per scoop.


most essential amino acids

Lysine, Methionine & Threonine+ Vitamin E Veterinary health product



Lysine is the first limiting amino acid. Lysine is found in a wide variety of tissues, hormones, and cells throughout the body. Myosin and other muscle proteins contain large amounts of lysine. Proteins that require lysine include the collagens and elastins that make up bone matrix, tendons, skin, and articular cartilage. Keratin protein in hoof and hair also requires lysine.



 Methionine serves many key functions in the body, including support for connective tissue, liver function and detoxification, and strong hoof tissue. Methionine is needed for the production of cystine. Cystine is necessary to form the healthy “cross-links” of collagen that add strength and elasticity, needed for healthy hoof, skin, hair, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Methionine belongs to a group of compounds called lipotropics which help the liver to process fat in the body and so supports liver function. Methionine and cystine are naturally occurring “sulphur containing” amino acids. Sulphur is a key element and vital to life. Methionine combines with Lysine to form Carnitine, a carrier needed for the muscle to burn fat.



Threonine supports overall growth and helps keep connective tissues and muscles throughout the body strong and elastic, including the heart, where it is found in significant amounts. Threonine supports a healthy central nervous, and immune system function by aiding in the production of antibodies and is necessary for GI tract health. Threonine is needed to create glycine and serine, two amino acids that are necessary for the production of collagen, elastin, and muscle tissue.  It is also needed to build strong bones & tooth enamel and to support healing and recovery..

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