Ultra-Calm Plus +

To support and maintain calm behavior in mature horses.



It will support and maintain calm behavior in mature horses.

Signs that your horse may be magnesium deficient:

  • Very tight, sore back not related to activity, fitness level or saddle fit
  • Horse never really relaxes
  • Cranky about being brushed or palpated, especially over the back on either side of the spine
  • Cranky about being blanketed
  • History of tying up
  • Muscle tremors or all over trembling not related to outside temperature
  • Requires long periods of lunging before being able to focus on work
  • Does not tolerate work well and works up, not down
  • Bucks shortly after workout begins, seems fine at first, then bucks or balks
  • Would be described as ‘thin-skinned’ or hypersensitive to touch
  • Has difficulty getting round or picking his back up under saddle, moves hollow
  • Difficulty focusing on work, poor work ethic
  • Can’t be still, repetitive movement, weaving, pacing, head bobbing
  • Frequent tendon injuries

Tryptophan supports muscle tone, and maintains natural calm behavior. A valuable supplement for overall horse-care.

TRYPTOPHAN is an important calming supplement, a precursor of serotonin. Meaning it is a building block, from which serotonin can be manufactured in the brain. It has been proven to improve mood by boosting serotonin levels, which as a neurotransmitter. It acts in the brain to reduce anxiety and promotes concentration, calm and relaxation in horses.

ULTRA CALM PLUS+   4000 mg. Tryptophan per scoop

Thiamine, Energy Metabolism, Digestion & the Healthy Nervous System

Thiamine plays an important role in the body’s metabolism of carbohydrates. The horse’s body requires thiamine to produce erythrocyte transketolase, an essential enzyme for energy utilization. Thiamine has also been studied for its effect on the maintenance of healthy appetite and nervous system stability and poise.

ULTRA CALM PLUS+   2850 mg. Thiamine B1 per scoop

Magnesium Oxide is by far the most important mineral

Regulating over 360 enzymes in the body.  Research shows that magnesium supplementation improves performance and allows equestrian athletes to reach exhaustion later in their exercise routine.

It increases oxygen delivery to muscle tissue, it promotes muscle strength, endurance, and relaxation. Magnesium also activates enzymes necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates and amino acids which lead to protein synthesis.

ULTRA CALM PLUS+   1072 mg. Magnesium per scoop

univetpharm Ultra-C

TAURINE is important for the support   of healthy neuro  (nerve) Transmission and muscle function to promote a CALMING Plus+ effect.

Can be used with other calming ingredients for horses in challenging some situations or maintain healthy EMOTIONAL   Balance, Calming  + mental FOCUS

TAURINE modulate the stress hormones cortisol+adrenaline, leading your horse to a brilliant performance with our 4 other ingredients used synergetically.

TAURINE is found in high concentration and in active tissue such as brain, retina, HEART and muscle. It also supports the stability of membranes and assists in the movement of electrolytes IN+OUT of cells, which are critical for proper nerve transmission  +muscle contraction.

ULTRA CALM PLUS+   4000 mg. Taurine per scoop

DMG to manage fatigue. In addition, they use it to enhance blood sugar (glucose) metabolism, improve liver functions and to strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Dimethylglycine  increases oxygen utilization, and thereby decreases lactic acid levels under extreme stress. It also decreases muscle fatigue and cramping.

This effective equine supplement has been shown to aid transport of the oxygen that breaks down the blood sugar to fuel the ATP cycle. Research indicates that the average 1100 lb. (500 kg) horse needs 1500 mg per day. For peak performance, most horsemen double or triple the dose, a few days before a race or other heavy activity, without seeing any side-effects.

ULTRA CALM PLUS+   2000 mg. DMG per scoop

The immuno-stimulatory properties of ginseng 

Could be put to good use in helping the horse fight these pathogens. As for the fatigue reducing effect of ginseng, the advantages are obvious – more stamina, better recovery, less muscle fatigue, more energy.

Support for horses under stress – increase in energy levels prior to and after workouts, immunity support. It is classified as an anti-viral, aids recovery from illness, hepato protective (liver protecting) enabling the liver to detoxify after toxic exposures from pesticides, herbicides and pollution. It can normalize blood sugar and cortisol levels, offering support for insulin resistance (IR) and Cushing’s and is used extensively in anti-aging therapies.

ULTRA  CALM PLUS+  contains   1500  mg. of  Ginseng.  per  scoop


Active ingredients per 28g:Each 28g single dose contains:


Directions for Use: Mature Horses (400-600 Kg)


Directions for Use: 1 scoop (28g) once daily at the time of feeding


Directions for Use: 2 scoop (56g) on the morning of competition


Store in a cool dry place.

Presentation: In a paste base

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