Are seasonal allergies affecting the performance of your horse?


Get better Respiratory RESULTS

With Respitol

This all natural formula is designed to provide valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate blood vessels surrounding the lung. Respitol contains a high concentration of procyanadins wich are potent antioxidants.

Horse can develop allergies when exposed to environmental contamination such as dust, molds and other seasonal challenges. Any of these factors can lead to respiratory irritation, a reduction in overall respiratory health, lung function or ability to perform. Using Respitol as recommended could improve nasal and mucus discharge.  RESPITOL   brings you and your horses closer to the winner’s circle or any podium, … Give it a try, as a seasonal anti allergy …a MUST for Race Horses, Barrel Racers, Jumpers, Hunters, Roping and cow horses…disciplines…


RESPITOL is designed to supply respiratory support in horses.

Ingredients: Yellowdock, white oak bark, calendula flower, mullein leaf and other herbs.

Contains no filler and is test free.


Respitol is used for respiratory support in horses.

Directions for Use: Administer 1 scoop (6g/0.18 oz) per day, per animal.


Store in a cool dry place

Presentation: RESPITOL is available in a 150g jar

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