Ultra-Lyte C&E


Ultra-Lyte C&E with added Potassium & Anti-oxidants C&E 

Take the next step in electrolyte replacement therapy

The demands of racing and training have never been greater on our horses. Electrolytes must be restored to ensure peak performance. ULTRA-LYTE C&E not only replaces lost electrolytes but is a major anti-oxidant which de-toxifies and improves general overall health

  • Corrects Electrolyte imbalance 
  • Increases Thirst Response 
  • Imperative for horses using Lasix®
  • A significant source of energy (glucose) 
  • Pre and post race to replenish Electrolyte and 
  • rebuild Glycogen stores in muscles
  • Vitamins C&E (anti-oxidants) de-toxify and neutralize free radicals preventing muscle cell damage


ULTRA-LYTE® C&E is a vitamin and electrolyte supplement to support electrolyte balance and maintain normal hydration with added potassium and anti-oxidants vitamins E and C; designed to help support horses during training, racing and performing.

Guaranteed analysis:Per (170g) serving:
Sodium Chloride (actual)1213 mg
Potassium (actual)7041 mg
Magnesium (actual)1132 mg
Calcium (actual)2300 mg
Vitamin E (actual)2000 iu
Vitamin C (actual)3000 mg


The addition of high levels of vitamins E & C significantly changed ULTRA-LYTE® C&E from an electrolyte replacement therapy to a product that not only replaces lost electrolytes but is also a major anti-oxidant.

“Free Radicals” are chemical compounds that occur naturally in the body but upon reaching toxic levels, damage healthy cells, affect muscle function, reduce fertility and immunity and generally lower performance. Anti-oxidants (Vitamin E &C) de-toxify and neutralize free radicals which prevents muscle cell damage and improves general overall health.

A higher level of potassium has been added to ensure that the muscles do not weaken, ache or cramp due to loss through sweating during exercise.

This formulation is imperative for horses that are given LASIX®, since this diuretic causes an enormous loss of potassium and calcium.

Directions for Use: Feed 170g per day added to the daily drinking water after racing, training or exercise. Feed one tube per day after racing, training or exercise


Store in a cool, dry place.

Presentation: 8.0 Kg pail – 48 servings; 17.0 Kg pail – 100 servings; 80 g oral tube

Registration No.: NN.H1S9/A2U6

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